A Silverfox Interlude 🐺

  Well it would be... if I could simply lay off the hair dye every few weeks. Still, my getup got past the pitiless quizzing glasses of Chap! 🧐 To secure a small perch in the Silver Jubilee edition - available in newsagents tomorrow:   Staying with matters Silver I take a look at keyboard music's lifelong touch of chromophobia, over on Medium:  Silverfox Style and the Synthpop Scene  🎹 🎵  It's all about Fading to Grey... and Revelling In It! 🖤

It's Easter!

The Saturday Evening Post April 11 1936 edition (cover) 'Primping in Mirror'  by Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874-1951) For a Dandiacal appraisal of Mr Leyendecker's influence: 'Eye For Elegance'  admits you to an erudite tour.

Dandyism? Beano-ism? | 20 Toffs, Fops and Fribbles of Comic Book fancy: to Elevate your reading Style!

The dandy archetype is one of the most striking of plays and literature. When 'Lord Goring' and his ilk first amused theatregoers, comics had yet to transcend their Victorian status of Penny Dreadfuls. A century later, graphic storytelling would satisfy readers with distinct glimpses of Wildean wit.  While dandified script writers, like Alan Moore , would echo an element of Mr Wilde's creative yardstick.   In that such authors speak in sentences.  Saving talent for their work and genius for their lives. Alan Moore  in magician mode for his 'Fashion Beast' book signing in 2013 Caped Crusaders and Masked Marvels  It's fairly easy to spot why superheroes should captivate, and dominate so much of our entertainment. Aside from their overblown stature and invincible antics - an obvious aspect of superhero success is their super-slick costume designs.  With or without capes, superheroes comprise a deluge of Dandies: at least at a glance. And the same goes for their n